Monday, 5 August 2013

Third House ~ Tritiya Bhava significance

The Third house has important connotations in predictive astrology. 3rd house or Tritiya Bhava is one of the houses in the Apoklima, Upachaya and Trishdaya. Commonly 3rd house referred to the house of communication. Third bhava rules the nervous system, lungs, vocal chords, speech, shoulders, arms, hands. 3rd house also rules courage, siblings, short travels, longevity, learning, architects, neighbors, capabilities, memory, relationships, servants, writing ability, mind, knowledge and conscious levels.

Third house tells about analytic ability that is how can one share thoughts effectively and regulate their feelings, perceive information, desire to learn, ideas presentation, marketing, public relations and fundamental education. It is also describes intelligence and grasping power. 2nd is also the house for speech. Communication skills would be analyse through the 3rd house in detail being 2nd from 2nd house in bhavat bhavam concept.

3rd is also for the house of longevity as counted 8th from 8th house. In the rasi chart Gemini (Mithuna rasi) sign is the third house and ruled by planet Mercury (Budha). Third house or lord is important for successful spiritual preachings. Unexpected rise in one's field give by 3rd lord and the rise is spectacular. The rise possibility is in the period or sub period of 3rd lord.  

Third house also known as Bhratru (Brothers) sthana. But the 3rd house refers to younger brothers as well as the 11th house refers elder brothers. Skills in war and diplomacy, timidity, throat neck and ear diseases are also indicate by this house. Generous instinct and miserliness in one' chart also known by the 3rd house.

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